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Storage tanks

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Storage tanks

Capacity up to 100.000 lt.

Technical features

Construction in stainless and carbon steel, vertical and horizontal models, systems for control and keeping of constant temperature with heating / cooling fluid circulation system, insulation.

Technical description

The storage of raw materials is the first point to be considered to achieve high quality production.

Our heating / cooling systems can be adapted to different customer's needs. Most of the applications are provided with half-pipes that improve the heat exchange between fluids and product. The storage tanks are designed to allow the unloading of tankers with the "CLOSED CYCLE" system as required by law. They are equipped with an agitator for moving the product, realized with fluxed mechanical seals to allow storage in modified atmosphere under nitrogen, (which can be obtained with our system). For storage in nitrogen modified atmosphere, the tanks are equipped with special valves that reduce nitrogen consumption, allowing the client to save money on the purchase. Continuous levels, as well as other control system, allow to check the status of the material also from remote, and they can be interconnected with integrated systems for inventory management.


resin, resins, boats, yachts, hull, hulls, fiberglass, treatment, fiberglass, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), Etenolo, Poliviolo, Vinolio, ALKOTEX, Caves, Gelvatol, Lemol, Vetronite, Fiberglass, HLU, RTM, RTM LIGHT Infusion, Pultrusion, Filament Winding


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