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NITROGEN UNIT nitrogen generator with storage
NITROGEN UNIT nitrogen generator with storage

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NITROGEN UNIT nitrogen generator with storage

Outputs in high or low pressure for compressed air.

Technical features

Suitable to supply injection machines like DESMA, AFROS CANNON, STEMMA, GUSBI, MAIN GROUP. Output in 30 millibar low pressure for storage tanks of polyol, isocyanate, catalyst, additive, antistatic.

Technical description

The group is connected to your compressed air net between 6 and 8 bar and by means of a process of separation through hollow fiber membranes nitrogen is retained and conveyed to a storage tank. From this storage the pressure is lowered from 6 - 8 bar to approximately 20 mbar, which will feed the storage tanks of resins and prepolymers. On request, it is available an additional outlet with high pressure (2 - 6 bar) for possible feeding of buffer tanks of moulding machines. These groups allow a dramatic reduction of purchase cost of nitrogen that is normally supplied in cylinders to be included in the processes for storage of materials. The cost of manpower for periodic replacement of the cylinders is canceled, also avoiding possible errors in the connections often leading to waste of product.


DIMENSIONS: LxWxH = 800x1000x1700


polyol, isocyanate, resin, prepolymer, polyester, polyether, polyurethane, PU, TPU, glycol, ethylene, reaction, formulation, mixtures, loads, calcium carbonate, antistatic, silicone, release agents, release agent, solvent, coloring paste


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