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MIXING UNIT 40 dosing & mixing polyol-cathalist
MIXING UNIT 40 dosing & mixing polyol-cathalist

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MIXING UNIT 40 dosing & mixing polyol-cathalist

40 kg for every formulation, batch from 20kg.

Technical features

Small size, possibility to change production in a few minutes, with or without antistatic, possibility of traditional or magnet driven pump leakage-free, oven for single drum complete with transfer pump.

Technical description

The MIXING UNIT 40 has been thought to answer to the need of having a compact machine that can automatically produce mixtures of polyol and crosslinkers with or without antistatic, eliminating the cost of manpower and increasing the quality of the materials. The software of MIXING UNIT 40 allows to monitor through the screen all stages of processing in real time, with the possibility to set different formulations, reprogramming as desired, check the reports of previous weighing for each component, test each component by clicking the icons directly on the screen.



The machine has to be connected to the buffer tank of polyol injection or casting machine, and when the level of the tank calls the material, the EASY MIX will begin operating, and will soon weigh the polyol, then weigh the mixture of catalysts and finally the antistatic (when applicable). Then after a few minutes of mixing the material will be pumped into the machine tank ready for use. All this happens in heated and dried environment in order to ensure the highest quality product. The EASY MIX may be provided with an oven for single drum, complete with transfer pump, for storage of polyol to feed the mixer, while catalyst and antistatic will be stored inside the machine. At the beginning of the cycle, the EASY MIX will activate the pump in the oven that will push the product to be weighed in the mixer. EASY MIX software will monitor the level of the drum, alerting the operator when the level will be at the minimum, so allowing the replacement without stopping the process. Instead of the oven, it is also possible to have a storage tank to handle a larger amount of polyol. Loading of catalyst and antistatic in the inner tanks is made by connecting your pump to special intakes places inside the machine and accessible from a practical door. Inside the machine there is a socket with a special switch to activate the transfer pump that will stop when the maximum level inside the tanks is reached.

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