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Automated formulation

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Automated formulation

Reactors, mixers, formulators.

Technical features

Constructions in stainless steel and carbon steel, vacuum, pressurized, heating and/or cooling systems, control of weight, loading temperature and mixing of liquids and powders.

Technical description

Of great importance in the production system is the formulation of the materials to be used in production. For this reason our company provides the most comprehensive service for companies wishing to build or improve their formulation systems. The formulation system of materials can be realized with reactors, mixers that, through dosing systems controlled by PC or PLC, produce the materials needed for the process. Our machines are suitable for mixing liquid with liquid, and also for mixing and disperding powders or fillers. The recipe is autonomously managed by software. We can make equipment tested in accordance with PED regulations, vacuum equipments, heated and/or cooled. Our structure is able to perform design, construction and assembly of process plants, heating and cooling, electrical system, software.


polyol, isocyanate, resin, prepolymer, polyester, polyether, polyurethane, PU, TPU, glycol, ethylene, reaction, formulation, mixtures, loads, calcium carbonate, antistatic, silicone, release agents, release agent, solvent, coloring paste


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