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Wine, must, concentrated foods, juices

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Fermentation tanks

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Fermentation tanks

Up to 10.000 lt

Technical features
flat or conical bottom, pike beak shaped bottom, removable external opening round or square hatches, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical systems for plunging of the lid, re-blowing up, cooling system total or partial, finishing cold rolled, foiled, satined, insulation with stainless steel coating bolted or fully welded completely washable

Technical description
Fermentation tanks traditional or provided with the most various accessories, shapes or systems for processing of must, soaking performed by re-blowing up with distributors, by mechanical or hydraulic immersion systems of the lid. All processes can occur with heating or cooling in whole or in part. Extremities conical, flat or with channeled unload. Possibility of inerting with nitrogen, CO2. Insulation made with stainless steel or aluminum finishing. Cleaning systems of internal parts, hatches and manhole in the most varied combinations, manufactured according to customer requirements tailored for every production.


wine, vinegar, grapes, must, grapes marc, berries, crushing, fermentation, malolactic, grape seeds, stalks, bunches, bunch


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