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Sweets and candies


Cookers, concentrators

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Cookers, concentrators

From 50 up to 1.000 lt, vacuum, pressurized

Technical features

heating with steam, heating with diathermic oil circulation, heating fluid, temperature control instrumentation equipment, weight control instrumentation, level control instrumentation, insulation in stainless steel fully welded waterproof and washable, insulation in stainless steel bolted or aluminum riveted, vacuum unit, pumps for product transfer

Technical description

Suitable for cooking or concentration of many different products, it is capable of cooking liquid materials with the possibility to simultaneously manage the cooking temperature, possible addition of ingredients, cooking time, speed of mixing and other variable factors. Equipped with quick opening for control of operations, sampling, and/or manual loading. Equipped with an automatic washing system can be interfaced with the existing CIP system. A powerful system for vacuum creation speeds up concentration and cooking of materials, increasing the productivity.


candies, caramels, fillings, syrup, syrups, starch, jelly, pectin, bon bon, hard candies, Chupa Chups, Morositas, blackberries, licorice, liquorice, milk, broth, extracts, sugar, caramel, molasses, pectin, glaze, tomato sauce, ketchup, sugar solution, 30 degrees brix, vinegar, wine, grape must, fruit puree, fruit juice


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