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Milk, eggs, jelly, starch, powders

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Sanitary piping

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Sanitary piping

Clamp, DIN, SMS

Technical features
DN 10 to DN 150 in stainless steel throughout the 300 series, availability of double wall versions with flexible jumpers in stainless steel or rubber for heated pipes, possibility to heat the pipe through electrical tracing and subsequent insulation, joints with flange, fittings DIN11851 standards, SMS, CLAMP

Technical description
The pipelines are made with polished pipes, for use in environments where it is requested a high level of hygiene. Can be used the most various types of joints according to the areas of employment as shown in the list aside. Cleaning processes are designed according to the product used,and the level of sanitization required. Suitable for products such as milk, egg, yolk, albumen, yogurt, cream, ice cream, milk enzymes, sugar solutions, jelly, etc..


sugar, sucrose, powder, rice, pasta, flour, milk powder, cocoa, coffee, dough, doughs, milk, egg, albumen, yolk, salt, fruit jellies, jelly, milk, yogurt, cream, ice cream, milk enzymes, sugar solutions


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