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Ball refining plants

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Ball refining plants

Productivity from 100 kg/h up to 250 kg/h and above

Technical features

level control instrumentation, temperature control instrumentation, absorption control instrumentation, safety devices, thermal insulation, cladding phono-absorbent

Technical description

Coming out from many years of experience, they mark a point of reference in ball refining. Suitable for creams, chocolate, chocolate substitute, hazelnut paste. The parts contact with the product are in stainless steel with high resistance. A good workability can be obtained yet from products with fat percentage of 30% in the components of the recipe. The fineness attainable varies, depending on time of refining, and can reach 22-24 microns. The machine can be supplied alone or with premixer unit of ingredients, with management of processing cycles automatic with PLC or manual. It is foreseen montage on platform to have a compact unit and the smallest size.

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