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COMET - Machinery and plants for food, chemical and construction sectors


Our company has been working for 40 years in the sector of construction of plants for storage, mixing, dosing of liquids, tanks, for food and chemical industry with specific applications for products with high viscosity or density, temperature control, heating and cooling systems, from storage to user point.

Along the years, we set up dosing systems with machines for specific high precision applications. Besides, we have a specialized department for the construction of pressurized equipments with pressure test according to PED regulations. By means of our technical staff, we are able to realize design, development, construction and startup of "turnkey" plants everywhere in the world.

In the wide range of items produced by our company, particularly interesting are:

  • Storage tanks made with systems for heating or conditioning.
  • Silos for dust storage, hoppers, screw conveyors, horizontal mixers.
  • Storage tanks for creams and products with high viscosity with temperature controls and movement of the product by stirrers gate with scraping blades.
  • Palletizable tanks provided with stirrer, heating, cooling.
  • Plants for production of chocolate creams, ball refining plants.
  • Dissolvers for loaves of fats, chocolate chips, materials recovered from working processes.
  • Steam cookers for candies at atmospheric pressure or vacuum.
  • Machines and mixing and dosing systems managed by PLC with supervisor controls.
  • Pipelines with jacket at controlled temperature.


Machines and plants for:


Machines and plants for:


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